2015 Ford F-150 Changes and Upgraded

2015 Ford F-150 Atlas front view

Is it possible mention pickup truck, and that at the same time not think about the Ford F-150? In this category of vehicles there is no a vehicle that can better characterize a work truck from F-150. It has become synonym for this class of vehicle. Since its appearing in the form of the legendary F-1 model, حتى الآن, Ford has been constantly developing and improving your pet. So today, Ford offers 10 basic models of trucks (XL, XLT, FX2, FX4, STX, الوهق حبل, LIMITED, KING RANCH, PLATINUM, and SVT RAPTOR). Also four different engines, which are installed in the F-150, make it unique. بالطبع, Ford for this model offers three cab sizes (SingleCab, SuperCab and SuperCrew), as well as the option of 2×4 و4×4 قيادة. From 2014 MY, the F-150 will offer the possibility of LPG / CNG as the driving fuel. Let us add to all this a model TREMOR , as well as additional equipment packages that Ford offers for the F-150. We are sure that no other pickup truck can match this offer and diversity. With the introduction of 2015 Ford F-150 Atlas concept, Ford has proven that there are no limits to the development of this model. Because of this, expect the unexpected, من 2015 فورد F-150.

2014 Ford F150 models

2015 Ford F-150 Powered

We have already mentioned that Ford offers four engine for this model: 3.5L 4-valve EcoBoost V6 engine which will develop 365hp at 5.000rpm, واستهلاك وقودها سيكون 14L / 100كم في المدينة و 9.6 / 100كم على الطريق السريع (20مدينة ميلا في الغالون / 29هوي ميلا في الغالون); 3.7L Ti-VCT 4-valve V6 FFV engine which will develop 302hp at 6.500rpm, واستهلاك وقودها سيكون 13.4L / 100كم في المدينة و 9.7 / 100كم على الطريق السريع (29مدينة ميلا في الغالون / 27هوي ميلا في الغالون). 5.0L 4-valve V8 engine will develop 360hp at 5.500rpm, واستهلاك وقودها سيكون 15L / 100كم في المدينة و 10.6 / 100كم على الطريق السريع (19مدينة ميلا في الغالون / 27هوي ميلا في الغالون), ال 6.2L 2 صمام محرك V8 will develop 411hp at 5 500سوف دورة في الدقيقة واستهلاك الوقود يكون 18.3 ال / 100 كم في المدينة و 12.4 L/100km على الطريق السريع (15 مدينة ميلا في الغالون / 23 هوي ميلا في الغالون.

For models equipped with a 3.7L Ti-VCT 4-valve V6 FFV engine, the offer will be an option to drive on LPG / CNG. This option will be an additional charge of $ 7.500 إلى $ 9.000. Ford has announced that the F-150, will exceed the 750 miles on a tank of LPG / CNG.

2015 Ford F-150 Redesign

It is known that F-150 for 2014 MY , will appear on the market with very little modifications as compared to MY 2013. Greater change and a redesign of this vehicle, are expected in 2015 MY. These claims are supported by the fact that Ford introduced the F-150 Atlas Concept. This concept is a platform for the development of all new Ford pickups. This concept is based on the use of lighter and more modern materials for vehicles. These materials should reduce total vehicle weight by about 300 كجم. In addition, it is noticeable an aggressive look and a new, more modern design. Vehicle’s aerodynamics will be improved, and there has been a new look front grille. A new grill will be higher, and will have new features when it comes to air flow. New design contributions and new LED headlights that are specially designed.

Modern trends in the auto industry, dictated by broader application of the vehicle. Accordingly, 2015 F-150 will offer improved and more modern car interior. وبالتالي, the car, in addition to its primary purpose of working pickup trucks get new features. This is primarily related on the vehicle for entertainment and recreation, but with all the improvements foreseen, 2015 F-150 will be a great family vehicle. What is certain is that 2015 F-150 will be equipped with systems that will facilitate the movement of this Monster, and driver management. These are the Stop-Start System (which itself off, when towing a load), 2015 F-150 will be first pickup, equipped with the Dynamic and Hitch Assist (help driving uphill). Standard in all models in 2015 Ford F-Series, mentioned under the camera 360 درجة.


2015 Ford F-150 Tuning

This Ford’s model is very popular, both for customers and for the tuner houses. This proves the fact that renowned tuner houses, regularly present their vehicles based on the F-150.

FORD HENNESSEY VELOCIRAPTOR SUVSports performance, this SUV got, thanks to Ford Raptor SVT Super Crew, on the basis of which it is made. A large number of seats (8) و 6 doors “donated” his Ford Excursion. Incorporating a powerful supercharged 6.2L V8 engine with an incredible 600hp, a story about this SUV is rounded.

SHELBY FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR- Ford’s 6.2L V8 engine was upgraded to, 2.9L Whipple supercharger atop.Thus, the previous 411hp, now become 575hp. Shelby Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is equipped with a Borla exhaust system and full power inter cooler, uses 6-speed automatic transmission that the engine power is transferred to the wheels of 35 .

FORD F-150 HARLEY DAVIDSON- Be powered by the 6.2L V8 engine with 411hp and a maximum load capacity will be 7,500 جنيه. This truck will also offer 22 ” machined aluminum wheels, SOHC valvetrain with roller-rocker shafts, Dual-equal variable cam timing, Two spark plugs per cylinder, Dual knock sensors. It is specially adorned with Harley Davidson logo.

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